Pop Ups, Holidays, and Events!

almondsYesterday, we had a wonderful pop up near Lake Merritt in Oakland. Thank you to everyone who came out on that beautiful yet cold Sunday! If you didn’t make it, don’t worry; we have some awesome events coming up for you and your friends. 🙂

apple pieThis coming Sunday, November 24th, we will be at Patchwork Show’s FREE Oakland craft fest at Jack London Square! We’ll be upstairs next to Brown Dog Mustard. This will be your last chance to pick up Spiced Apple Hand Pies and Pumpkin Marshmallow Cupcakes! We’ll also have Cinnamon Glazed Almonds, Pumpkin Seed Brittle, Harvest Pear Jam, Sourdough Baguettes, Molasses Beer Bread, Olive Bread, and new treats: Rosemary-Meyer Lemon Marmalade and Peppermint Bark. Find out more about the event here: oakland events – patchwork show

marshmallow ccComing in December, we’ll have a new cupcake special, AND a new seasonal hand pie! There are also several awesome events in December where you’ll be able to find us and our delicious goods. Keep an eye out for more information! And stop by our table at the Patchwork Show. 😉


Craft Fest and New Monthly Cupcake Special!

pumpkin marshmallowLast weekend, the holiday season officially kicked off for the Mollie Rose Baking Company. The Bedford Gallery’s 6th Annual Craft Fest was wonderful! There were many amazing crafters and food artisans, and we sold out of nearly everything! We premiered the Pumpkin Marshmallow Cupcake (pictured above) at the craft fest. It’s a pumpkin cake frosted with cinnamon “buttercream” and topped with a marshmallow. All vegan, of course. Get ’em only through the end of November!

cooking candyCome by our pop up next Sunday in Oakland! We’ll be at E. 17th and 3rd Avenue from 11:30am til 2:30pm. You can pick up pie, cupcakes, candy, jam, and bread. We’ll also have a couple of other events this month. Stay tuned for times and locations.

CAM00144Also this month, you will be able to find our Pumpkin Seed Brittle in Little Shop Artisan Box‘s November Gourmet Foodie Box! It’s delivered right to your door!



October’s End, November Just Beginning

pie cupcakesThis past Saturday, we said goodbye to the Pumpkin Spice Mini Cupcake, our October Cupcake Special, and Hello! to our newest treat: Cinnamon Glazed Almonds. Though we are sad to see the mini cupcakes leave, we are excited for our upcoming November Cupcake Special: Pumpkin Marshmallow! These pumpkin cupcakes are frosted with cinnamon “buttercream” and topped with vegan marshmallows. $36/dozen, $39/dozen for gluten-free. These are perfect for every party and event you have planned this month! Who doesn’t love a well-spiced pumpkin treat, especially when it’s accompanied by marshmallows?

photo (9)This Sunday, you’ll find us at the Bedford Gallery’s 6th Annual Craft Fest at 1601 Civic Drive in Walnut Creek. Admission is FREE, and the event runs from 11am until 5pm. Check it out on their site: Bedford Gallery In addition to artisan food vendors, there will be arts and crafts tables filled with handmade gifts perfect for the loved ones in your life. Come by, pick up some glazed almonds, chocolate, breads, cupcakes, brittle, jams, and holiday gifts!

glazed almondsIf you can’t make it to the Bedford Gallery this Sunday, there will be two more opportunities to visit the Mollie Rose Baking Company. You’ll find us at our E. 17th pop up on November 17 and at the Patchwork Show in Jack London Square on November 24. Just remember: this is the last month to pick up (or order) our Spiced Apple Hand Pies! Don’t miss out!



Pumpkins, Apples, Almonds, and Events!

pop up2Yesterday, we had our pop up on E. 17th at 3rd Avenue and met lots of new people and saw plenty of familiar faces! Thank you to all the folks who showed up! It was a beautiful Fall day in Oakland, and we’re looking forward to all the events coming up next month.

pumpkin brittleAt the event yesterday, we premiered our Fall/Winter candy special: Pumpkin Seed Brittle! It’s made with organic sugar, organic roasted pumpkin seeds, organic raw agave nectar, organic nonhydrogenated margarine, vanilla extract, spices, baking soda, and salt! No dairy, no gluten, no corn; just plain ol’ delicious sweetness! We almost sold out of this new candy, so it looks like a new batch is in the near future. Order it on our site or our webstand!

chocolate2We also had our Dark Chocolate Almond Bark (with cacao nibs and maple sugar!) for sale. This is a rich chocolate enveloping roasted almonds and nibs, sprinkled with maple sugar. Get it while you can; as the holidays approach, we’ll be phasing this chocolate out and bringing in a new treat!

breadsNo pop up would be complete without some of our amazing bread! Yesterday, we completely sold out of these delicious loaves! The olive bread was made with thyme instead of rosemary for a new aromatic sensation. Our molasses bread is always baked with Sierra Nevada beer, which gives it that wonderful texture. Order your loaves today!

Our next pop up is this Saturday, October 26th at Lake Merritt from 11am until 2pm. You can find us between Brooklyn and Wayne on Lakeshore Avenue. Stop by for Spiced Apple Hand Pies, Pumpkin Spice Mini Cupcakes, Pumpkin Seed Brittle, Dark Chocolate Almond Bark, Figgy Thyme Jam, Harvest Pear Jam, fresh loaves of bread, and a new treat: Cinnamon Roasted Almonds!



October Madness!

pumpkin cupcakesAs promised, above is a photo of our October Cupcake Special: Pumpkin Spice Mini Cupcakes! Made with fresh roasted pumpkin and rolled in cinnamon and sugar, these vegan delights can be made gluten-free! $15/dozen ($18/dozen gluten-free) and only available until October 31st (Halloween!). We premiered them at our pop up this past Sunday, and you’ll be able to find them on October 20th at E. 17th and 3rd, and then again (for the final October pop up) at Lakeshore and Wayne on October 26th. Check out our events page for more info!

We will also begin selling our Pumpkin Seed Brittle this month, and we will continue to sell it through December. We have several recipes in the experimental phase, including an exciting gluten-free bread recipe! We’ll keep you posted. 😉


October Has Arrived! New Cupcake Time!

packaged candySeptember has left us, and now we are on the brink of the holiday season! Starting today, you can e-mail us with your order for Pumpkin Spice Mini Cupcakes, our October Cupcake Special! At $15/dozen (that’s a mere $1.25 each), you can have all that lovely seasonal pumpkin taste, accentuated with cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. Stay tuned for a picture of these mini delights! The picture above is from our pop up on Sunday, where we started selling our very last batch of Sunflower Seed Brittle of 2013. Don’t worry; soon you’ll be able to buy Pumpkin Seed Brittle for all your candy needs! But this Saturday will be your last chance for the Sunflower Seed Brittle, so order some or come out to our event!

BAHM SeptYou may have come by and seen us at last month’s BAHM; we were stationed just next to the Kitchener Oakland for a night of food, fun, and art (Creative Growth Art Center is just across the street). It was lovely meeting all the new people, eating all the delicious food, and hanging out under the harvest moon! We will unfortunately miss out on this month’s Bay Area Homemade Market, but keep an eye out for our other events.

photo (11)Meet our Harvest Pear Jam! Along with our Figgy Thyme Jam, it is one of our seasonal preserves offered this Fall. Bartlett pears are cooked with cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg and then pureed into a mostly-smooth pie-like jam. Enjoy on French toast, waffles, scones, or atop ice cream for a “pie a la mode.” Order via cottagemeal.com/mollierosesbakingco or e-mail us at msmollierose@gmail.com

Check out our events page to find out where we’ll be selling all these tasty treats!




Changes for Autumn: New Products, New Events!

hand piesSeptember brings the Fall, and with that new fruits and flavors! We are pleased to announce our newest additions to the menu: Spiced Apple Hand Pies, Hazelnut-Fig Cupcakes, Figgy Thyme Jam, and Harvest Pear Jam. Each new item is made with seasonal fruit. Our hand pies are sweetened only with maple syrup and maple sugar, and the filling is delicately spiced with a 3-spice blend. Our September Cupcake Special, the Hazelnut-Fig, is a hazelnut cake base with half a black mission fig baked in. The cakes are topped with a dusting of powdered sugar. The Figgy Thyme jam is made with fresh, organic black mission figs, organic sugar, fresh lemon juice, and fresh organic thyme. It’s perfect for jam and peanut butter sandwiches, on top of ginger pancakes, spread between biscuit layers, and on crackers as a snack. Our Harvest Pear Jam is made with ripe pears and spiced with the flavors of the season. Enjoy this jam on pumpkin waffles, on top of vanilla ice cream or yogurt, or with your morning toast. These are limited items, so order them while you can!

fig cakeOur new seasonal treats can be found at our events throughout September, and most of them will be available through the end of November. This Sunday, we will have a pop up at Lake Merritt between Wayne and Brooklyn in Oakland, CA. This will be our first event selling these new items. The event will last from 11am until 2pm, so come by and grab a tasty treat to take home (or eat right there). We will also be at an event co-hosted by the Bay Area Homemade Market, Kitchener Oakland, and Creative Growth Arts Center. Come by and pick up goods from BAHM vendors as well as Kitchener chefs. We’ll have a great assortment of goodies to choose from. Check out our events page for more info!

fig jamRemember, you can always order from us by sending an e-mail (msmollierose@gmail.com), or by placing an order at Mollie Rose Baking Co. Enjoy!


One-Stop Shop, Pop Ups


Today, we had our last event where we offered the Peach-Apricot mini pie and the Almond-Blackberry cupcake. Now, if you want either of those items, you will have to place your order within the next three days for pick up/delivery by August 31st. But fear not! A new seasonal pie and cupcake special will be available as of September 1st! We still have our delicious Molasses Beer Bread (pictured below), sunflower seed brittle, and chocolate almond bark.

molasses beerIf you’re looking for the Mollie Rose Baking Company on the web, you can find all of our links and information at http://cottagefoods.org/cfo/mollie-rose-baking-company/. This is a great site which can connect you to all sorts of cottage food operations. Of course, why would you need to go anywhere else but MRBC? 🙂 AND Ms. Mollie Rose was interviewed in an article by the East Bay Express about starting a homemade food business (MRBC itself). Check it out here: So You Want to Start a Food Business

candyComing soon, we will have our Figgy Thyme and Harvest Pear jams! These are wonderful seasonal jams to spread on toast, scones, muffins, or eat straight from the jar. Our bread baker will also start offering his country sourdough loaf (pictured below). Delicious, chewy bread you can really sink your teeth into! We’ll let you know when you can begin ordering loaves.

country loaf

Stay tuned for more deliciousness!

Fairs and Markets!

gf lemon cakeAfter taking a weekend off at the beginning of August, we were busy busy last week! The gluten-free lemon-coconut cakes above were a special order for a bride who would have otherwise had no cake on her special day. We were more than happy to help her out and provide these treats! Remember, you can order on cottagemeal.com/mollierosesbakingco, but if you have a special order you’d like to place, send us an e-mail at msmollierose@gmail.com and we can work it out!

treeLast night, we participated in Sto*Nerd Press’ Mini Art Fest at the Firehouse Arts Hangar in Berkeley. It was a great night of readings by the authors and live music from a local band. We premiered our (very popular) focaccia and sold out of our peach-apricot pies! Some lucky raffle winner took home some of our peach lavender jam and dark chocolate almond bark with nibs.

chocolateThis coming Saturday, we’ll be back at the Firehouse Arts Hangar with the Bay Area Homemade Market! This month, the Market will be fundraising for the Sustainable Economies Law Center-the folks responsible for the California Homemade Food Act. Come by for delicious treats and a raffle! There will also be live music!



Out With the Old, In With the New

almond-blackberry cupcakeAnother month is ending, taking with it the Dark and Stormy Cupcake. But August is just around the corner, and that means the cupcake special is…Almond-Blackberry! These cupcakes are made with an almond cake and topped with a delightful blackberry “buttercream.” Fresh blackberry preserves are whipped right in to the frosting, and the cake is topped with a ripe blackberry! These cupcakes will be featured at all our events in August, and you can order them via e-mail (msmollierose@gmail.com) and soon through cottagemeal.com/mollierosesbakingco. Get ’em while you can!

This past Sunday, we had a pop up near Lake Merritt, and it was a great success! We sold out of many items (more jam is on the way), and our Dark and Stormy cupcakes were bid a fond farewell. Coming up in August, we will be at two events at the Firehouse Arts Hangar in Berkeley. Check out our events page to learn more.

Tonight we’ll leave you with this thought to ponder: Ben the bread maker is developing an herb focaccia for the bakery. The test batch was SUPERB. Keep an eye out for it in the near future!