About the Company

photoOur Bakers: Ben and Mollie


We strive to make delicious, affordable food using the best ingredients possible. We do this while caring for our environment and supporting our neighbors and our community.

Mission Statement

Many people have dietary restrictions which prevent them from enjoying the treats they love. We believe everyone deserves a treat. Not just any treat, but a treat which is delicious, affordable, and made with the best ingredients available. We believe in taking responsible actions to improve our environment and create opportunities within our community.

Who are we?

Ben is a crafter of all sorts. He builds shelves and garden boxes, makes beautiful pottery, and is the resident bread maker at the Mollie Rose Baking Company. His breads are creative and delicious, made with care and lots of patience. His newly developed bread recipe, Country Sourdough, is available for purchase!

Mollie has been baking for over a decade. She loves the science and art of the baking process, and experimenting with new flavor combinations is her favorite pastime. When she isn’t baking or making other treats, Mollie can be found teaching elementary students in the East Bay.



2 thoughts on “About the Company

  1. Hey Mollie!
    We’re collaborating with SoMa StrEat Food Park to bring about the first ever San Francisco Vegan Beer and Food Festival set for October 18th, 2014 as a celebration of the best craft beers and vegan eats the Bay Area has to offer!
    There will be 20+ local vegan vendors on site, local vegan companies, and a panel discussion. We will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and SF SPCA.
    We hope to make this an annual event with the possibility of smaller monthly events.
    Please let us know if you’d like to participate, we’d love to have you. Many thanks!

    Sylvee Esquivel

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