One-Stop Shop, Pop Ups


Today, we had our last event where we offered the Peach-Apricot mini pie and the Almond-Blackberry cupcake. Now, if you want either of those items, you will have to place your order within the next three days for pick up/delivery by August 31st. But fear not! A new seasonal pie and cupcake special will be available as of September 1st! We still have our delicious Molasses Beer Bread (pictured below), sunflower seed brittle, and chocolate almond bark.

molasses beerIf you’re looking for the Mollie Rose Baking Company on the web, you can find all of our links and information at This is a great site which can connect you to all sorts of cottage food operations. Of course, why would you need to go anywhere else but MRBC? 🙂 AND Ms. Mollie Rose was interviewed in an article by the East Bay Express about starting a homemade food business (MRBC itself). Check it out here: So You Want to Start a Food Business

candyComing soon, we will have our Figgy Thyme and Harvest Pear jams! These are wonderful seasonal jams to spread on toast, scones, muffins, or eat straight from the jar. Our bread baker will also start offering his country sourdough loaf (pictured below). Delicious, chewy bread you can really sink your teeth into! We’ll let you know when you can begin ordering loaves.

country loaf

Stay tuned for more deliciousness!


Fairs and Markets!

gf lemon cakeAfter taking a weekend off at the beginning of August, we were busy busy last week! The gluten-free lemon-coconut cakes above were a special order for a bride who would have otherwise had no cake on her special day. We were more than happy to help her out and provide these treats! Remember, you can order on, but if you have a special order you’d like to place, send us an e-mail at and we can work it out!

treeLast night, we participated in Sto*Nerd Press’ Mini Art Fest at the Firehouse Arts Hangar in Berkeley. It was a great night of readings by the authors and live music from a local band. We premiered our (very popular) focaccia and sold out of our peach-apricot pies! Some lucky raffle winner took home some of our peach lavender jam and dark chocolate almond bark with nibs.

chocolateThis coming Saturday, we’ll be back at the Firehouse Arts Hangar with the Bay Area Homemade Market! This month, the Market will be fundraising for the Sustainable Economies Law Center-the folks responsible for the California Homemade Food Act. Come by for delicious treats and a raffle! There will also be live music!



Out With the Old, In With the New

almond-blackberry cupcakeAnother month is ending, taking with it the Dark and Stormy Cupcake. But August is just around the corner, and that means the cupcake special is…Almond-Blackberry! These cupcakes are made with an almond cake and topped with a delightful blackberry “buttercream.” Fresh blackberry preserves are whipped right in to the frosting, and the cake is topped with a ripe blackberry! These cupcakes will be featured at all our events in August, and you can order them via e-mail ( and soon through Get ’em while you can!

This past Sunday, we had a pop up near Lake Merritt, and it was a great success! We sold out of many items (more jam is on the way), and our Dark and Stormy cupcakes were bid a fond farewell. Coming up in August, we will be at two events at the Firehouse Arts Hangar in Berkeley. Check out our events page to learn more.

Tonight we’ll leave you with this thought to ponder: Ben the bread maker is developing an herb focaccia for the bakery. The test batch was SUPERB. Keep an eye out for it in the near future!