What’s Cookin?

strawberry vanilla bean jamA lot! We have a new batch of strawberry vanilla bean jam for sale. Made with organic strawberries, organic sugar, organic Meyer lemons, pectin, and vanilla bean! This jam is very popular, but we can only make it in small batches to preserve the integrity of the fruit. We have five 8-oz jars and four 4-oz jars for sale now.

Olive breadOur bread maker keeps churning out beautiful and delicious loaves! Above is our olive bread made with kalamata olives and fresh rosemary. This is a fragrant and scrumptious loaf which pairs perfectly with pasta. We need one week to fill bread orders (they do take quite a while to make), so please keep that in mind when ordering.

herbed mustardAfter two weeks of curing, our herbed mustard is ready to eat! We have six 4-oz jars for sale. This mustard is made with thyme and a stout reduction.

chocolate cookiesThese fun cookies were a custom order for a customer’s family visit this weekend. Chewy, fudgy cookies in the shapes of elephants, guitars, cats, and hearts! These cookies were made with organic sugar and organic flour. If you have a custom order you’d like to place, e-mail us and let us know what you’re looking for.

All orders can be placed by e-mail: msmollierose@gmail.com

We can only take orders in Alameda County. Sorry for any inconvenience!


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